Procuring consumer attention is quite literally the art and heart of what we specialize in. Our specialty does not stop there -- determining consumer intent, calculating, optimizing and reverse engineering what to do with consumer intent, is ultimately what we do best. We operate several properties on the internet that focus on providing consumers with some kind of value in exchange for their information. Upon registration those consumers can elect to speak with someone who can help them with what they might be looking for, or not. If they do, we make that introduction and sometimes follow up with that introduction to see how it went and to see if we can make more introductions.

Typically the consumer is looking for one thing and does not realize that they will need something else, or may qualify for something else that they might not know about. We introduce those consumers to businesses that we trust so that they can conduct business. Having done this millions of times over a very long time, we have collected quite a bit of information. Which is why we always say that our partnerships make us powerful.

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If the heart of what we do is procuring consumer attention then collecting, analyzing and monetizing that attention is the backbone of what we do. If it wasn't for our data partners we would not be able to maximize our attention acquisition efforts. Our marketing funnels include email, SMS, social, search, display and push advertising. We do not broker out or have affiliate traffic. Everything is done in-house. Our partnerships with our data partners are some of the most ROI rich relationships we have. Trust, dependability and quality are at the core of all of our partnerships. If you are interested in speaking with someone about traffic, leads, data or anything in between, let us know.