Clicksmart offers businesses a competitive advantage by linking you to consumers that are already looking for your business. Procuring consumer attention is literally what we specialize in and we don’t stop there.

Our Process:
  • ✔ Determine Consumer Intent
  • ✔ Calculate
  • ✔ Optimise
  • ✔ Reverse Engineer Consumer Execution
  • ✔ Follow up
  • ✔ Monetize

What Does It All Mean?

We operate several successful properties on the internet that focus on providing consumers with value in exchange for their information. Upon registration, consumers can elect to speak with someone who can help them find what they’ve already been searching for, or not. The choice is theirs, which not only avoids reports of spam but weeds out consumers who aren’t a good fit. If the consumer decides to move forward, we make that introduction and can follow up to see how it went and if they’d like more introductions to other businesses.

Typically, the consumer who is looking for one specific thing may not realize that they need something else or can even qualify for something they didn’t know existed! We are committed to only introducing consumers to businesses that we trust and never spamming them with useless offers.

Search Engine Management & Optimization

If you are looking to have someone manage all of your ads and marketing dollar allocation on any of the major networks, we can help you with that. Ask us about our Search Engine Management & Optimization services.

Lead Generation

Quite a few businesses, call centers, sales people, attorneys and the like buy leads on a per inquiry basis. If you want to own the entire flow from beginning to end then this service is for you. We can build out, deploy and scale your website and landing pages on all of the major search engines, affiliate networks, social media networks and even display networks for you.

Why ClickSmart®?

We’ve done this at least a million times over the last decade. Needless to say, we’ve collected quite a bit of consumer information and can confidently say that our partnerships are what make us so powerful.

Contact us today and find out how we can take your business to the next level.


If the heart of what we do is procuring consumer attention then collecting, analyzing and monetizing that attention is the backbone of what we do. If it wasn't for our data partners we would not be able to maximize our attention acquisition efforts. Our marketing funnels include email, SMS, social, search, display and push advertising.

We do not broker out or have affiliate traffic and everything traffic wise is done in-house. Our partnerships with our data partners are some of the most ROI rich relationships we have. Trust, dependability and quality are at the core of all of our partnerships. If you are interested in speaking with someone about traffic, leads, data or anything in between, let us know.