Founder & Chief Executive OfficerChristopher Smitley

A serial Entrepreneur with over 13 years of Internet marketing experience, primarily in the consumer finance sector. Chris has an unquenchable thirst for learning new and cutting-edge web form conversion & online consumer acquisition strategies, he’s also passionate about landing page design & conversion optimization. Primary skills include Search Engine Management (Search & Display; Google Certified); Display, Social, Email, Textual and Telemarketing Lead Generation; Business Development; Media Buying; Business and Sales Operations; Landing Page Design; Landing Page Conversion & Optimization; CPC, CPV & CPM Advertising; CRM Technology (SalesForce, LeadMailbox, Leads360.

Chief Technology OfficerNana Gilbert-Baffoe

Nana has a history of leadership and innovation in the AdTech industry. A founding member of Tracking202/Prosper202, one of the original click tracking systems in the affiliate industry. Incredibly talented in digital strategy, search engine marketing (SEM), performance-based marketing, customer acquisition and software development.

Data ScientistLuis Mendoza

Professional, ethical and tireless life-long learner. A never-ending hunger for fresh and modern ways to pique internet-based consumer interest. The unique ability to think outside the box & come up with ads that force consumers' curiosity. Exemplary in executing, testing and optimizing uncanny ideas.

Conversion Rate OptimizationDavid Howard

A growth expert focusing on getting users to our sites, nudging them to complete actions and using next-generation, evolutionary algorithms and AI to find the best combinations of copy, element placement, and colors 10x faster than traditional A/B testing. Quantitative Analysis through methodologies and experience within: business intelligence, data science, digital analytics and a range of data tools. David is a beast when it comes to optimizing our web forms and conversion funnels.


If you are a qualified candidate who can create value for ClickSmart in some way, shape, or form, we would love to hear from you. We’ve created positions for valuable people before, and we’ll do it again if the right person comes along.


We are looking for someone to do big things with big data. If cultivating, managing, and growing relationships is what you're looking for in your next career, the Data Management Expert position might be a perfect fit!


4.3.2021 Advertiser Account Manager/Inside Sales Manager

The Advertiser Account Manager/Inside Sales Manager is responsible for the selling, on boarding and the day-to-day management of performance-based advertiser clients for our affiliate network.


4.01.2021 Account Manager/Inside Sales Manager

Our business is growing and we need an Account Manager/Inside Sales Manager to sustain our momentum. This is a unique opportunity to join a dynamic, fast-paced company where you can make a difference and develop a profession career in advertising technology and media.


4.01.2021 SEO Director

The SEO side of our business is growing and we need an SEO Director to sustain our momentum. This is a unique opportunity to join a dynamic, fast-paced company where you can make a difference and develop a professional career in SEO technology.